Roundwood Primary School

What we do

At S4A we provide a variety of activities to keep your child entertained in a safe engaging environment to give you peace of mind whilst you’re at work. A hot meal will be provided every day for anybody in a 5pm-6pm session.

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    We offer a range of sports from Fencing – Football

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    Arts and Crafts

    Letting the children explore their creative side

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    Developing our investigative skills through bug hunting, orienteering and team building games

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    Homework Club

    Helping hands in a calm learning enviroment

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    Youth Club

    A games room with everything from Fifa to chess

If your child is booked in between 5pm-6pm they will be provided with a hot meal. To guarantee your child’s meal the booking must be made a week in advance so we can let our caterers know. On our booking form is a tick box to indicate whether your child would prefer the meat option or the vegetarian option. If your child would like the meat option for the majority of the days and the vegetarian option, for example, on a Tuesday, please let us know in the notes section and we will be able to cater for this accordingly.

Sun-risers – Morning Club
7-30 – 8-30 £5
8-00 – 8:30 £3
Both options includes a breakfast of cereals, toast and fruits.

Childcare Vouchers
To use your childcare vouchers just type “childcare-vouchers” into the coupon box which means no payment will be taken from your card. When visiting your childcare provider website to make payment
*As we are waiting for our new Ofsted certificate number you can use one of our other settings listed below
Our Ofsted number is Ey496103

Sun-setters – Evening Club
3:15 – 5:00 – £8
3:15 – 6:00 – £11
4:15- 5:00 – £3
4:15 – 6:00 £8

A cold snack is provided at 3:15pm every day
A hot meal is served at 5:10pm every day

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Activity 1 Gymnastics Football Dance Basketball Dodgeball
Activity 2 Lego Drawing & colouring Explorers Group Games Music
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
3:15-4:15 Football Painting Gymnastics Science Dodgeball Chrstmas Crafts Dance Lego Orienteering Music
4:15-5:10 Badminton Puzzle Games Handball Junk Modelling Netball Board Games Indoor Cricket Collaging Drawing & Colouring Film Friday
5:10-6:00 Dinner Homework club Dinner Homework Club Dinner Wii/Xbox Dinner Homework Club Dinner Film Friday
Sibiling Discount
A 10% sibling discount will be automatically applied on checkout for multiple bookings for the same sessions.

November – December Booking Half Term 2

You’ll find us on a playground near you

Catch us after a session or if you can’t wait please contact us on …