Policies and Procedures

Child Protection

Sports 4 All acknowledges the duty of care to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and is committed to ensuring safeguarding practice reflects statutory responsibilities, government guidance and complies with best practice.

The policy recognises that the welfare and interests of children are paramount in all circumstances. It aims to ensure that regardless of age, gender, religion or beliefs, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation or socioeconomic background, all children have a positive and enjoyable experience of sport at Sports 4 All in a safe and child centred environment and are protected from abuse whilst participating in any of our clubs or sessions or whilst outside of the activity.

Sports 4 All acknowledges that some children, including disabled children and young people or those from ethnic minority communities, can be particularly vulnerable to abuse and we accept the responsibility to take reasonable and appropriate steps to ensure their welfare.

As part of our safeguarding policy Sports 4 All will promote and prioritise the safety and well-being of children and young people.

To ensure everyone understands their roles and responsibilities in respect of safeguarding and is provided with appropriate learning opportunities to recognise, identify and respond to signs of abuse, neglect and other safeguarding concerns relating to children and young people.

To ensure appropriate action is taken in the event of incidents/concerns of abuse and support provided to the individual/s who raise or disclose the concern.

To ensure that confidential, detailed and accurate records of all safeguarding concerns are maintained and securely stored.

To prevent the employment/deployment of unsuitable individuals

To ensure robust safeguarding arrangements and procedures are in operation.

The policy and procedures will be widely promoted and are mandatory for everyone involved in Sports 4 All.

Failure to comply with the policy and procedures will be addressed without delay and may ultimately result in dismissal/exclusion from the organisation.


The policy will be reviewed a year after development and then every three years, or in the following circumstances:

  • Changes in legislation and/or government guidance
  • As required by the Local Safeguarding Children Board, UK Sport and/or Home Country Sports Councils and as a result of any other significant change or event.

Although we take the utmost care, Sports 4 All cannot be held responsible for any injury during our clubs.
We cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal belongings. An appropriate adult must register and sign-out each child.

Code of conduct for staff and volunteers

Sports 4 All coaches and volunteers involved in sport for children and young people have a great opportunity to be a positive role model and help build an individual’s confidence.

Staff and volunteers are expected to:

  • Ensure the safety of all children by providing effective supervision, proper pre-planning of coaching sessions, using safe methods at all times.
  • Consider the wellbeing and safety of participants before the development of performance.
  • Encourage and guide participants to accept responsibility for their own performance and behaviour.
  • Treat all young people fairly and ensure they feel valued.
  • Encourage all children not to discriminate on the grounds of religious beliefs, race, gender, social classes or lack of ability.
  • Not allow any rough or dangerous play, bullying, or the use of bad language or inappropriate behaviour.
  • Appreciate the efforts of all young people and not over-train the young people. Never exert undue influence over performers to obtain personal benefit or reward.
  • Be positive, approachable and offer praise to promote the objectives of the club at all times.
  • Not let any allegations of abuse of any kind or poor practice to go unchallenged or unrecorded. Incidents and accidents to be recorded in the line with the club’s procedures.
  • Never use sanctions that humiliate or harm young people.
  • Report accidents or incidents of alleged abuse or poor practice to the designated person.
  • Administer minor first aid in the presence of others and where required call 999 for emergencies.
  • Have access to telephone for immediate contact to emergency services if required.
  • Ensure the rights and responsibilities of youth members are enforced.
  • Establish and address the additional needs of disabled participants or other vulnerable groups.
  • Not abuse members physically, emotionally or sexually.
  • Maintain confidentiality about sensitive information.
  • Respect and listen to the opinions of young people.
  • Take time to explain coaching techniques to ensure they are clearly understood.
  • Develop an appropriate working relationship with participants, based on mutual trust and respect.
  • Be a role model, displaying consistently high standard of behaviour and appearance (disciplined/committed/time keeping), remembering children learn by example.
  • Refrain from smoking and consumption of alcohol during club activities or coaching sessions.
  • Never condone rule violations, rough play or the use of prohibited substances.
  • Not spending excessive amounts of time alone with children unless there are exceptional circumstances
  • Not administering First Aid involving the removing of children’s clothing unless in the CPSU Template presence of others.
  • Hold appropriate valid qualifications and insurance cover.
  • Make the sport/activity fun.

Staff and volunteers have the right to:

  • Access on-going training and information on all aspects of leading/managing activities for youths, particularly on Safeguarding.
  • Support in the reporting suspected abuse or poor practice.
  • Access to professional support services.
  • Fair and equitable treatment by the governing body
  • Be protected from abuse by children/youths, other adult members and parents.
  • Not to be left vulnerable when working with children.

Any  minor misdemeanours and general misbehaviour will be dealt with immediately and reported verbally to the designated person.

Serious or persistent breach of the code will result in disciplinary action and could lead to dismissal from Sports 4 All

Emergency action and first aid

All  coaches will be  prepared  with  an  action  plan  in  the  event  of  an emergency and be aware of our First Aid Procedures.

Safeguarding Children Policy

• All S4Astaff will be alerted to the basic signs of abuse, physical, emotional, sexual and neglect. Staff will know who they should refer their concerns too and be aware of the procedures to follow is a child disclose information.
• All S4A staff will be made aware of the procedures regarding confidentiality, regarding information shared or received with dates, times and details if required.
• The S4A head coach will oversee the safeguarding procedure and will liaise with social services or any other relevant agencies.
• All S4A staff should show best practice when in the work place and will not display any inappropriate behaviour. All staff will be aware of any inappropriate behaviour from fellow staff and should report behaviour if required.
• Safeguarding concerns will be reported to the S4A director. The director will follow through with an investigation. If necessary the case will go to the local safeguarding board.

Complaints procedure

How do I make a complaint?
• You may be able to resolve a complaint by speaking to the relevant member of staff that is taking the activity or session. However if this is not possible you can speak to the relevant head coach/activity provider during the session.
• If this does not resolve your issue you can contact the S4A Sports 4 All Ltd director via email matt.ogle@s4asports.co.uk or 07989 467850 stating name, address and details of your complaint and how you would like the complaint to be resolved.

Holiday Camps
• Bookings can be made online on our website www.s4asports.co.uk or via a complete form with payment

• Sports 4 All accepts payment by credit or debit card. We can also accept childcare vouchers for our camps

• Lunch is not provided at the camps. You will need to supply lunch, adequate snacks and drinks for your child throughout the day. Water and some squash drinks will be available

Dates and Timing;
• The activity programme is subject to change due to unsuitable weather or other circumstances that may be out of our control

• Activity timetables that are displayed should be used as a guide only and may be subject to change. If you are booking individual days, we cannot guarantee that the specific activities stated will take place.

• The standard hours for all camps are 9.00am to 3.00pm on any given day

• Extended care hours are available. We can offer a Breakfast club 8.00am to 9.00am and then an extension of the day to provide care from 3.00pm to 6.00pm

• All children MUST be collected 6.00pm at the latest

• If for any reason, you are unable to collect by 6pm, please contact Matt Ogle as soon as possible

• At least two members of staff will wait with your child until they are collected

• There will be a late pick-up fee of £10 for every 15 minutes after 6pm. This is in place to cover the additional staff costs

• If we have no contact and cannot make contact with any parent/guardian by 6:30pm, we have to contact social services to report an uncollected child

• If a parent/guardian is continually late to collect their child, we reserve the right to refuse any future bookings

• Extended care can be purchased at any time for hours that you require

• For any booking that finishes before 5pm and is not collected on time will be charged a late pick-up fee of £5 for every 15 minutes

• All children are covered by our Public Liability Insurance while in our care

Health and Illness;
• Any child that is ill or infectious should be kept home. They should only return to the camp venue 24 hours after the last symptoms have gone

• Sports 4 All staff will administer first aid treatment if required, and the emergency services will be called if necessary

• Sports 4 All asks that children attending the camp have been toilet trained. We do understand that accidents can happen so suggest that younger children may want to bring a change of clothes

• Any child that is required to carry an Epipen should have this with them at all times and must be passed on to the head coach on arrival at the venue

• If a child is not attending a scheduled day on a camp for any reason, please contact Matt Ogle so that we can update our register

Property and Valuables;
• Sports 4 All are not liable for any lost or damaged property whilst attending one of our camps

• Any lost property will remain at the camp venue until the last day of the camp and should be collected by the end of the final day

• Any unclaimed lost property on the final day will be kept by Sports 4 All for a maximum of one month. If it is still unclaimed, the property will be donated to charity

• Children are not allowed to bring their own electrical devices to Sports 4 All camps. If any child is found with a device, it will be taken, put in a safe place and returned to the parent/guardian on collection at the end of the day

• Should a parent/guardian need or want to make contact with their child during a camp day, they must contact Matt Ogle or any other member of staff

Equal opportunities and child protection;
• Sports 4 All supports equality and welcomes all children, regardless of gender, ability, race or religion

• Every child that attends camp is equal and will receive equal opportunities at all times

• We operate a zero tolerance policy on discrimination or bullying of any kind

• Sports 4 All has a legal obligation to chid protection and all staff have been trained in this area. As an organisation, any suggestion of child abuse or neglect will be investigated and reported to the relevant authorities

Specific Needs;
• Sports 4 All recognises that each individual child will have varying needs and will endeavour to accommodate all children with specific needs in the camp environment

• No child will be excluded from any activity due to specific needs

• It is the responsibility of the parent/carer/guardian to contact Matt Ogle prior to booking to inform and discuss any special education needs or disabilities. The needs will be taken into account and appropriate arrangements can then be made by the organisation in preparation to allow the child to fully participate and enjoy the activities

• Sports 4 All are happy to accommodate a child with specific needs on a paid trial basis and reserve the right to review further bookings related to this

Behaviour Code of Conduct;
• Sports 4 All camp ethos will ensure that children will socialise with all other children of varying ages and make new friends.

• The staff will encourage a relaxed atmosphere at the camps and will promote positive behaviour at all times

• When completing a camp booking, you agree that your child will;
o Respect property of others
o Be patient, honest, fair and polite to others
o Not use abusive, obscene or offensive language
o Not be aggressive in the way that they speak or behave towards others
o Respect and treat others as they would like to be treated

• We have a responsibility to ensure that children are safe at all times while in our care

• Sports 4 All has a zero tolerance policy on discrimination, bullying or persistent disruptive and poor behaviour of any kind

• In serious cases, we reserve the right to ask parents/guardians to remove their child from camp. No refund will be given for any remaining days booked and the company cannot be responsible for any other arrangements that need to be made in regards to child care

• We will use the details you provided to contact you via email or text with information about our future services and camps

• If you have any concerns or suggestions, please let us know. We value all feedback that is given and use it to develop and improve our services

• If you have a concern regarding camps, this should be raised and discussed immediately with the camp manager, Matt Ogle. The issue will then be investigated and a solution found

Refund policy

Refund policy If you wish to cancel your child’s place on a Sports 4 All club it must be made in writing by email to matt.ogle@s4asports.co.uk. Only cancellations made up to 72 hours prior to the camp / club will receive a full refund. All refunds will be credited to the customer’s credit/debit card or bank account within 30 days of the written notification of cancellation.

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